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Roger Mellie Is Alive and Well

March 24, 2009

Well almost. The continuing saga of Jadedeathgate which once again has been uber-exacerbated by the Daily Scrote (no I won’t link to the Daily Mail because they are offal on the bottom of my shoe – find them yourself) has reached an unprecedented high in the slavishly cheap reporting of her passing. Here is an example of ‘a touching tribute picked out especially by husband Jack Tweed today’:


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? No I think I’ll compare you to a teabag darling. The card reads like a Viz Top Tip – who on earth wrote this? And it’s huge and looks like it has been made out of pink icing. Has the world gone mad? I think Jade Goody’s death is both tragic and frightening. I think she has done a great thing raising awareness for cervical cancer and has shown exceptional bravery in the face of her shockingly premature demise but that is what happens when you are dying – it gets ridiculously busy and there is no one as forthright or humblingly brave as a dying person. It sounds odd but when I looked after my terminally ill friend I felt both numb and privileged. Numb in the sense it all seemed so unreal and you could do nothing but accept the unrelentingly gruelling situation which was very tough on the psyche at times. Privileged in the sense that it was extraordinary to witness such strength in the face of knowing and feeling there is very little time left – the moment is crystal clear at all times, the moment is there like a big hand in front of your face. I bow to Jade’s honesty in allowing the press/tv to follow this process but I can’t help feeling it all turned a bit ‘Team Jade’. Is this the acceptable face of reporting now? Is there anything we don’t need to know anymore? I find that invasive and sad. I think it also creates a ‘them’ and ‘us’ divide in society. Not that healthy really.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    chazz said: JADE. . what a sad, sad affair. We all know of her childhood. <br/><br/>We are Born, We Die. . .Fact of life, reality unfortunately. <br/><br/>However we must remember its WHATWE DO WITH THE BIT IN THE MIDDLE. .thats important.<br/><br/>Jade after becoming a mother, like every mother put her boys first in her life.<br/>0nce finding out her future, financial provission for her boys future was her priority.<br/><br/>Yes there is a father around, rather financially secure (for now). Who knows whats around the corner unfortunately.

  2. ivan007 permalink

    Yeah but, no but, yeah … well, she did a lot to raise awareness of cervical cancer … BY GETTING IT … that’s all. As for this financial provision for her boys … what financial provision do they need … do we want to imply here that state schools aren’t any good … or that they are congenital idiots … this sort of thing happens a lot. Jade was ok, she was probably a good laugh to know, but she was no god or hero, we get things out of perspective sometimes.

  3. Momentary Madness permalink

    Jesus, my sentiments exactly: ???I think she has done a great thing raising awareness for cervical cancer??? I posted that comment only to day.<br/>I never saw much of Goody on the TV, maybe once or twice by chance. I couldn???t stand her, but she was a product of a way of life I know too well. I was drawn back to Goody with the media frenzy about her dying, so much so they had her dead before her time.<br/>Reality TV definitely was real to her, and to her fans- indeed everybody; people living through someone else.<br/>I guess we all do it in one way or another: the (heroes/stars we send up the charts) performing arts, the writers, painters, etcetera. <br/><br/>Jade fitted into that reality TV prog. to substitute the lack of love in her life; from her family. She found her place, and a substitute for love, like the people watching (in the same situation) identified with her. Whatever happened to Jade happened to them, the perfect symbioses.<br/><br/>Again and again the same situation<br/>For so many years<br/>Tethered to a ringing telephone<br/>In a room full of mirrors<br/>A pretty girl in your bathroom<br/>Checking out her sex appeal<br/>I asked myself when you said you loved me<br/>Do you think this can be real? <br/>Still I sent up my prayer<br/>Wondering where it had to go<br/>With heaven full of astronauts<br/>And the lord on death row<br/>While the millions of his lost and lonely ones<br/>Calling out and clamor to be found<br/>Caught in their struggle for higher positions<br/>And their search for love that sticks around<br/>Still I sent up my prayer<br/>Wondering who was there to hear<br/>I said send me somebody<br/>Whose strong, and somewhat sincere<br/>With the millions of the lost and lonely ones<br/>I called out to be released<br/>Caught in my struggle for higher achievements<br/>And my search for love<br/>That don???t seem to cease

  4. It doesn’t say what kind of tea bag. I’ve had some quite disappointing Tesco Special Offers. As for Jade…..I have mixed feelings.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Chazza said: Good ole ‘Clinton Cards’ ha! (without their humor what would we do)<br/><br/>Iv seen this greeting (minus Mum) doing its rounds since the new year. Repackaged as Valentine cards, ‘Sorry’ cards, on yahoo’s e cards, even ‘Facebook’ greetings. . .<br/><br/>IS TRUE LADIES IS IT NOT. . .(Though it does take a real man to give to their other half. . .)lol.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    It’s true! Chazza was an office receptionist in a past life – she even does comments in triplicate.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    chazza said: Isti. . .owch! ! Painful. . . .lma0 x x <br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>P,s dont need to repeat my self this N96 error 506. . .needed too. . .

  8. Istvanski permalink

    N96 my green, green grass.<br/>You’re just a comment whore ;-p

  9. Anonymous permalink

    chazza said: Isti. . .you should know. .??;-0 x x x

  10. Anonymous permalink

    hi Rom’s please can you remove the two extras that loaded on by error. I am unable at my end.<br/><br/>As they say wait for one bus and three turn up at once. (this god darn Nokia N96. . Modern piece of shite when Error 506 kicks in. . .) tc ??;-) x x

  11. Anonymous permalink

    P.s. . . Rom Was it you, a long while back mentioned the Specials reunion concert? Did you manage/get Tickets in the end? Tc. . Chazza x x x

  12. rockmother permalink

    Chazza – good grief woman are you leaving all these comments form a mobile phone? You’ll get RSI!<br/><br/>Ivan – I agree and fair point – the Daily Mail have a lot to answer for. I hate that Lady Di effect.<br/><br/>Momo Madster – yes – I guess apart from being a dental nurse ‘realitv’ was the only thing Jade knew. <br/><br/>Dickley – well I can recommend Twinings Everyday or Lancashire Tea – do you want me to send you some? I hate the way the Daily Scrote (Mail) rally the nation. I bet half the million of public mourners bringing Essex to a standstill next week will be comprised of wailing Daily Mail readers who hav enever even seen Jade on tv…!<br/><br/>Ister and Chazza – ok – better now? Say sorry. ;-)<br/><br/>Chazza – er..probably but no – I haven’t got tickets as Jerry Dammers won;t be there and I’m a bit of a purist like that..but will probably change my mind at last minute and scrabble around for a dodgy ticket!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    chazza said: Yeah thats what we thought and felt too, real shame.<br/><br/>I couldnt let this go without attending, wasnt allowed first time around :.-( strict parents (bless ’em). . .xx

  14. llewtrah permalink

    Jade’s death was starting to be like that Deathwatch film. It’s sad someone has died young leaving young children. Yes it raises awareness of cervical cancer. But it doesn’t have to be a bl**dy circus!

  15. I’m not even going to comment it’s all so rank.<br/><br/>Bugger. I did.<br/><br/>See what that Max Clifford does?

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