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Grin Dangerous Gin

September 14, 2009

This is chef and chief sot Keith Floyd (no relation to Eddie) with his fourth wife looking ecstatically happy. What the hell have they got to be happy about? The photographer’s assistant evidently has chucked a load of leaves at them and let them be shot wearing his’n’hers white leather wooden footwear and in Keith’s case avec sock. I mean I ask you? And they are so beige. Kids – don’t drink gin – this is what happens – you end up looking like a gurning outtake from ill-fated British soap Triangle.

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  1. Momentary Madness permalink

    Ha, they???ve got their retirement plan all ironed out. Keith???s got his inexhaustible stash of Viagra, and she???s going to Florida when ???one of them??? dies.

  2. tony permalink

    Mr Floyd Looks Very , err, Pink………..

  3. Billy permalink

    All the stereotypical drunken things: falling over, sobbing in the corner, forgetting everything ONLY happen to be when I drink gin.<br/><br/>Fact.

  4. Betty permalink

    Oh dear, Scholl sandals always make me think of student teachers in 1970 who had long straight, centre parted hair and wore brown flowery printed maxi dresses and could be relied upon to whip out an acoustic guitar to accompany a breathy rendition of When I Needed A Neighbour Were You There.<br/><br/>Horrible memories.

  5. Momentary Madness permalink

    Jesus, he just died.<br/>(she???s going to Florida when ???one of them??? dies)<br/>He was a good candidate though; too much of the good life. Ah well why not. Good bye Floyd, not in the Pink anymore.

  6. Istvanski permalink

    I reckon he "popped his clogs" shortly after reading this post.<br/>Arf-arf.

  7. It’s true…<br/><br/><br/><br/>Must have happened while I was reading your blog rockmum! Far out as we used to say.

  8. Tim Footman permalink

    Almost true, Dick. He was settling down to watch a documentary about, er, Keith Floyd. (v good it was too)

  9. rockmother permalink

    Thank you all – poor old Keithy eh? I actually thought the doc last night on him very very poignant and sad at the end. It felt like a pre-obit. He seemed to have so much festering regret about him. Very sad.

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