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Things That Make You Go Agh!

September 18, 2009

Weird things make my toes curl and my buttocks clench at the same time. Two of them are: The word Emo.


Makes me think of teenagers who get all depressed, wear black and listen to terrible eeemoo music in their bedrooms that are probably also painted black.


And then there is Soho bon viveur restauranteur Aldo Zilli in those breakfast cereal ads. Is it just me or is the way he says ‘Optivita’ really ggggghhhh?

What makes you go aaaaghhh?

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  1. Geoff permalink

    Shame Rod Hull isn’t still around. I would have loved to have seen Rod Hull &amp; Emo.<br/><br/>They make me want to say "Cheer up, chicken, it might never happen."

  2. rockmother permalink

    Geoffster – I am destined to have my son decide to be emo – I just know it. Torture for being so scathing about their terrible dress sense/music choice!

  3. savannah permalink

    sagging pants, sugar! i swear, i am soooooo tired of all these young boys and young men wearing their pants half way down their butts! they can’t even walk correctly! jaysus, i want to just scream, "pull y’all’s damn pants UP!" xoxoxo

  4. Momentary Madness permalink

    Totally irrelevant to your post (I???m off on one of my tangents- I???ll be brief)<br/>I tell honestly, years ago I laughed at people like myself going aaaggghhh!<br/>Now I go aaaggghhh at almost everything. <br/>I think it???s time for the revolution.<br/>I think I need a drink.

  5. Billy permalink

    Those Optativa ads are annoying but those similar ones with Ray Winstone in were way worse.<br/><br/>Nnggghh.

  6. Axe Victim permalink

    Some 90% of the background music to TV ad’s for finance companies and banks etc. Those ad’s make me want to scream.

  7. Generic Viagra permalink

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