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Big Hair

January 24, 2012


6.82 squared years ago today my Mum had me, got dressed, did her hair and my Dad took a photo.

I can’t believe how high my Mum’s hair was!

And the best thing about this morning was opening this envelope.


I love the care and concentration in the letters.

The happiness of being young.

And when I am grown up and 64 I hope to be dancing around my kitchen like this:


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  1. Mr_Mondo permalink

    What a peach of pic – your mum’s dress and hair, those white brick walls..I’m aiming to do a Liz Cotton when I’m 90

  2. mike hoyle permalink

    Green Lourve (R)evolution Occupy for 99%Viva global OCCUPY

  3. Martin permalink

    Belated best wishes, and many happy returns. Love the photo.

  4. tony permalink

    A Lovely Photo.Rockmothers Unite!

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