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Sure Shot. Sure Is.

March 17, 2012

I have been very blogremiss of late but to kick start the return to my blog we need to have a bit of a party. Hold your hands in the air and party like you just don’t care. Say whoooo!

Ok now you have had your fun you can read all about my new UK feature film Greengrass here:

It’s a drama with some dark comedy set in Deal on the Kent coast. It’s about Maggie McDuff – a young girl who goes to extraordinary lengths to make her life better – with some consequences.

We are currently at the funding stage. It is tremedously exciting and a lot of hard work – which is why I have had my head down un-blogging.

In addition to that I’ve also directed a documentary-based music video for Cornershop. It was quite a journey – it took me from London to East Oakland, Ca. and back. All will be revealed on Thursday 22 March when you can see the world premiere exclusive online on a well-known music site – watch this space! Here are some stills from the vid:


Thanks for watching and toodlepip dearies..

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  1. CorOfTheSUN permalink

    Don’t stop girl, get off!!! Keep on rocking the Funk. Rockmother. 😀

  2. tony zimnoch permalink

    busy! I look forward seeing all .

  3. savannah permalink

    well done you! xoxoxo for you, sugarpie!

  4. Martin permalink

    Eagerly looking forward to the fruits of your labours.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Tony, Savmarshmama and Martin – I shall be linking like MAD to it in a bid for it to go viral…well that is the plan.

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